Dear MetE Students,


Last update on the grading system and final exams are summarized below.


1)      Final Exams:

-          All classes and exams of the MetE courses will be done online.

-          Final exams of the courses will be held between June 06-26th, 2020 via ODTUclass.

-          Schedule for the final exams will be announced later.


2)       Grading system for the courses:

-         According to the decisions taken by METU Senate on May 12th, "evaluation of the courses that are only available in 2019-2020 Spring Term can be done in a "Pass/Fail" system alongside the regular system, depending on the student's will".

-         After the announcement of the final grades in letters and after the completion of the grade corrections by instructors, students will be able to request that their letter grades will be converted into “Pass/Fail” system.


-  Processing of Pass/Fail preferences in transcript:


  1. For undergraduate students, if  grade  ≥DD , “Pass”; if grade ≤FD ,“Fail”
  2. For MSc. students, if  grade  ≥CC , “Pass”; if grade ≤DC ,“Fail”
  3. For Ph.D. students, if  grade  ≥CB , “Pass”; if grade ≤CC ,“Fail”  


-  Special cases for students to request Pass/Fail grading system:

  1. For undergraduates with graduation status, Cum. GPA must be ≥2.00
  2. For graduate students in the last term of their course phase, Cum. GPa. must be ≥3.00


Detailed information :




YÖK decision for the exams:


We wish you healthy days.

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