Last Updated:
27/05/2020 - 22:23
Prof. Vedat Akdeniz 1 - Superalloys for Aerospace Applications (M.S, Ph.D, Integrated Ph.D)
Prof. Kadri Aydınol 1 - Development of electrodes for Zn-air batteries
2 - Development of catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Assist. Prof. Eda Aydoğan 1 - Development and additive manufacturing of refractory high entropy alloys for extreme environment applications (TUBITAK 2232 project – 2 Ph.D students – co-advised with Assoc. Prof. Eren Kalay)
2 - Additive manufacturing of novel IN-718 alloys modified by nano-oxide dispersion (TUBITAK 1001 - 1 Ph.D student – co-advised with Asst. Prof Eralp Demir from Sabanci University)
Assist. Prof. Batur Ercan 1 - Surface modification of titanium based implants for bone and skin tissue regeneration (TUBA supported project)
2 - Antibacterial agent doped hollow hydroxyapatite shells for bone regeneration
3 - TiO2 incorporated biocompatible and antibacterial dental composites (TUBITAK 3501 supported project)
Assoc. Prof. Eren Kalay 1 - Structure of liquids and metallic glasses - 1 M.S Student + 1 Ph.D Student (US supported project)
2 - High Entropy Alloys for next generation Aerospace Materials - 1 M.S Student (collaboration with TAİ)
Prof. Dr. Amdulla Mehrabov 1 - Design and development of crystalline alloys for magnetic refrigeration applications
2 - Design and development of high-entropy alloys (HEA) for high temperature applications by computer modelling and simulations
3 - Design and development of Ni-based nanoalloys by computer modelling and simulations (ab initio, Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics etc.)
4 - Design and development of bulk amorphous (metallic glass) alloys for magnetic applications
5 - Production by high-energy ball milling and structural characterization of Ni-Ti nanoalloys
Dr. Çiğdem Toparlı 1 - Design of proton uptake barrier layers for extreme environments
2 - Discovery and optimization of ordered and disordered double perovskite oxide thin films for hydrogen production systems
3 - Investigation of A-site doped double perovskites as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst in alkaline media
4 - Electrochemical performance of bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst in metal-air batteries
Prof. Dr. H. Emrah Ünalan 1 - Nanowires for electronics
2 - Design and development of novel supercapacitors