Hydrometallurgy Laboratory

Primary Researcher(s) / Coordinator(s): 
Prof. Dr. Yavuz Topkaya
General Information: 

The research group is mainly focused on the mineral processing and hydrometallurgical extraction of various metals from their ores. In addition to metal extraction processes, purification of resultant leach solutions and recovery of the valuable metals from these solutions are among the research studies. Throughout these studies, the optimum process parameters for the maximum metal recoveries are mainly determined for industrial applications.

  • 2 liter Parr Titanium Autoclave,
  • Column and Agitative Leaching Systems,
  • Jaw and Roll Crushers, Ball and Disc Mills, Pulverizer,
  • Jig, Shaking Table, Magnetic Separator, Flotation Units,
  • Vacuum Pumps and Filtration Units,
  • Analytical Balances (various capacity),
  • Sieve Analysis Set-up, Microscopes,
  • Drying Ovens and Various Muffle and Tube Furnaces,
  • Hot Plates with Contact Thermometers, and pH Meters,
  • Solvent Extraction Unit.
Completed and Ongoing Research Projects: 
  • ‘Extraction of Nickel from Lateritic Ores by means of Hydrometallurgical Techniques’, METU BAP Project-2006-03-08-01.
  • ‘High Pressure Acid Leaching of Lateritic Nickel Ores and Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide Production’, METU BAP Project-03-08-2009-02.
  • ‘Lateritik Nikel Yataklarından Nikel Ekstraksiyonu’, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) Project-106M079, 2009
  • ‘Column and High Pressure Acid Leaching of Eskişehir-Sivrihisar Lateritic Nickel Ores and Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide Production’, METU BAP Project-03-08-2010-06.
  • ‘Optimization of Ferronickel Production from Sivrihisar Nickel Lateritic Ore and Usage of Boron Compounds in order to Increase Nickel Recovery’, METU BAP Project-03-08-2012-002.
  • ‘Optimization of Zinc Extraction and Recovery from Gümüşhane-Midi Sphalerite Concentrate’, METU BAP Pjocet-03-08-2012-004.
  • META Nickel Cobalt Mining Company