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İshak Karakaya
Prof. Dr.
Room No: E-214
Tel: +90 (312) 210-2533
Fax: +90 (312) 210-2518

  • Ph.D. McGill University, Canada (1985)

  • M.Eng. McGill University, Canada
  • B.S. Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Research Interests:
  • Thermochemistry of Molten Oxide, Salt and Alloy Systems
  • Electrometallurgy of Light Metals
  • High Temperature Corrosion of Alloys
  • Computer Modelling of Phase Diagrams
  • Aksu R., Uguz R. O., Erdogan M., Meco H., Karakaya I., Investigation, modeling and design of a cathodic protection system for hull structures in marine environment, Meeting Abstracts, 972, 2016
  • Aksu Y., Erdogan M., Demirci G., Karakaya I., Electropolishing of an Fe-Ni-Co alloy in acetic acid-perchloric acid mixture, Meeting Abstracts, 1131, 2016.
  • Akpinar B., Ergul E., Erdogan M., Karakaya I., In search of an alternative solar grade silicon production by electrochemical reduction of SiO2, Meeting Abstracts, 2164, 2016.
  • Karakaya I., Ulu F., Demirci G., Erdogan M., The role of electrolyte composition on codeposited Ag and Cu, Meeting Abstracts, 1126, 2016.
  • Karakaya I., Erdogan M., Akpinar B., A pulse voltage application in electrochemical reduction of solid CaWO4 Powder, Meeting Abstracts, 2080, 2016
  • Arslan B., Demirci G., Karakaya I., Erdogan M., Formation of gold-plated electroformed copper structures, Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies 1, 3-4, 384-393, 2015
  • Dincer O., Pehlivanoglu M. K., Caliskan N. K., Karakaya I., Kalkanli A., Processing and microstructural characterization of liquid phase sintered tungsten-nickel-cobalt heavy alloys, International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 50, 106-112, 2015
  • Cetin Y., Karakaya I., Demirci G., Erdogan M., Aras M. S., Preparation of surfaces of germanium and kovar substrates by electroplating for soldering., Meeting Abstracts, 1179, 2015
  • Karakaya I., Ulu F., Demirci G., Erdogan M., Effect of bath composition on the composition and morphology of electrodeposited Ag-Cu alloys, Meeting Abstracts, 1227, 2015
  • Arslan B., Karakaya I., Erdogan M., Aras M. S., Demirci G., Structural properties of electrolytic nickel deposits produced by direct, pulse and pulse reverse currents in the organic-free watts electrolytes, Meeting Abstracts, 1200, 2015
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  • Saraloğlu Güler E, Karakaya İ, Konca E., Effects of current density, coating thickness, temperature, pH and particle concentration on internal stress during Ni-MoS2 electrocodeposition, Surface Engineering, 30 (2): 109-114 February 2014.
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  • Bölükoğlu Z.A, Karakaya İ, Erdoğan M, Formation of Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays by Anodizing Ti6Al4V Alloy, ECS Transactions, 58 (43) 45-52 2014.
  • Saraloğlu Güler E, Konca E, Karakaya İ, Effect of Electrodeposition Parameters on the Current Density of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Ni and Ni-MoS2 Composite Coatings, Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 8 5496–5505 2013.
  • Erdoğan M, Karakaya İ, On the Electrochemical Reduction Mechanism of CaWO4 to W Powder, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 43B (2012) 667-670.
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