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Naci Sevinç
Prof. Dr.
Room No: E-211
Tel: +90 (312) 210-2537
Fax: +90 (312) 210-2518

Research Interests:
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics of High Temperature Systems and Processes
  • Iron and Steel Making
  • Akgun, Baris; Sevinc, Naci; Camurlu, H. Erdem; Topkaya Y, "Volume combustion and mechanochemical syntheses of LaB6", International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, 55 (4), 2017
  • Camurlu HE, Topkaya Y, Sevinc N, “Catalytic effect of alkaline earth oxides on carbothermic formation of hexagonal boron nitride” CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL Volume: 35 Issue: 6 Pages:2271-2275 Published: AUG 2009
  • Bilgi E, Camurlu HE, Akgun B, et al. Formation of TiB2 by volume combustion and mechanochemical process MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN Volume: 43 Issue: 4 Pages: 873-881 Published: APR 1 2008
  • Camurlu HE, Sevinc N, Topkaya Y, “Effect of calcium carbonate addition on carbothermic formation of hexagonal boron nitride”, JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY Volume:28 Issue: 3 Pages: 679-689 Published: 2008
  • Camurlu HE, Sevinc N, Topkaya Y,”Role of boron carbide in carbothermic formation of hexagonal boron nitride” JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE Volume: 41 Issue: 15 Pages: 4921-4927 Published: AUG 2006
  • Camurlu HE, Aydogdu A, Topkaya Y, et al. Production of boron nitride by carbothermic and mechanochemical methods, and nanotube formation NANOENGINEERED NANOFIBROUS MATERIALS Book Series: NATO SCIENCE SERIES, SERIES II: MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY Volume: 169 Pages: 115-120 Published: 2004
  • Topkaya Y, Sevinç N., “Gunaydin A, Slag Treatment At Kardemir Integrated Iron and Steel Works International”, Journal of Mineral Processing 74 (1-4): 31-39 Nov 19 2004
  • Aydogdu A, Sevinç N., “Carbothermic Formation of Boron Nitride”, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 23 (16): 3153-3161 2003
  • Sevinç N. “Thermodynamic Study of FeO-Fe2O3-TiO2 System at 1500 C”, Trans. Inst. Min. Metall., 98, C185, 1989.
  • Sevinç N., Elliott J.F., “Kinetics of Reduction Of Cr2O3(s) By Liquid Fe-Cr-C Alloys Ironmaking and Steelmaking”, 3, 268, 1976.

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