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C. Hakan Gür
Prof. Dr.
Director, METU - Welding Technology & NDT Res./Appl. Center
Room No: Dept. Chair
Tel: +90 (312) 210-2511
Fax: +90 (312) 210-2518

  • Ph.D. Middle East Technical University, Turkey (1995)
  • Resarcher (BAM-Berlin): 01.1991-02.1992, 06-09.1993, 08-09.1995
  • M.S. Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  • B.S. Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Research Interests:
  • Nondestructive Testing and Materials Characterization
  • Determination of Residual Stresses
  • Heat Treatment, Welding
  • Özcan B, Gürer G, Gür CH, Effect of Microstructural Modification on Damage Tolerance of 34CrMo4 Shaft Steel, Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures, (2020) 1-12 DOI:10.1111/ffe.13194
  • Çalışkan S, Gür CH, Investigating the Correlation between Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Emission and Fatigue Life of shot-Peened AISI 4140 Steels, Insight – NDT and Condition Monitoring, 61 (2019) 701-705
  • Gür CH, Review of Residual Stress Measurement by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Technique, Materials Performance and Characterization, Vol 7, Issue 4, 2018 (
  • Gürer G, Gür CH, Failure Analysis of Fretting Fatigue Initiation and Growth on Railway Axle Press-Fits, Engineering Failure Analysis, 84 (2018) 151-166 (
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  • Hizli H, Gür CH, Comparison of Electronic Speckle Laser Interferometry Hole-Drilling and X-ray Diffraction Techniques for Determination of Residual Stresses in the Heat Treated Steels, J Nondestructive Evaluation, 36 (2017) 42
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  • Handbook of Thermal Process Modeling of Steels, 2009 CRC Press – Taylor & Francis, Eds: C.H.Gür, J.Pan, ISBN 978-0-8493-5019-1

Chapter in a Book
  • Quenching Theory and Technology: Chapter 17 Simulation of Quenching by Caner Şimşir & C. Hakan Gür, 2010 CRC Press, Eds: B.Liscic, H.M.Tensi, L.C.F.Canale, G.E.Totten, ISBN 978-0-8493-9279-5

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