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26/05/2021 - 16:57

Prof. İshak Karakaya

  1. Development of abrasive surfaces by electroforming

Prof. Caner Durucan

  1. Development of ceramic biomaterials as synthetic bone implants
  2. Processing of 3D printed hard tissue analogs  
  3. Sol-gel processing of advanced functional materials

Prof. Amdulla Mekhrabov

  1. Design and Development of Crystalline Alloys for Magnetic Refrigeration Applications.
  2. Design and Development of High-Entropy Alloys (HEA) For High Temperature Application by Computer Modeling and Simulations.
  3. Desıgn and Development of Ni-Based Nanoalloys by Computer Modeling and Simulations (Ab Initio, Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics etc.).
  4. Design and Development of Bulk Amorphous (Metallic Glass) Alloys for Magnetic Applications.
  5. Production by High-Energy Ball Milling and Structural Characterization of Ni-Based Nanoalloys.

Prof. H. Emrah Ünalan

  1. Mxenes for high energy density supercapacitors
  2. Nanomaterials for triboelectric nanogenerators

Prof. M. Kadri Aydınol

  1. Synthesis of Air Stable Pre-Lithiated Silicon Anode Active Material for Li-ion Batteries
  2. Coating of NMC Cathode Active Materials for High Capacity Retentive Li-ion Batteries
  3. Dealloying of Si based Alloys for Making of Anode Active Material for Li-ion Batteries

Assoc. Prof. Batur Ercan

  1. Biomimetic keratin-hollow calcium carbonate composite scaffolds for bone regeneration
  2. Fabrication of nanostructured zirconia to enhance bone-implant integration
  3. Nanostructured nitinol for cardiovascular stent applications
  4. Magnetic halloysite composites for targeted drug delivery

Assist. Prof. M.Bilge İmer

  1. Doping of ALD grown oxides for capacitor and novel contact applications

Assist. Prof. Yusuf Keleştemur

  1. Development of advanced quantum structures of blue-emitting colloidal nanoplatelets for highly efficient light-emitting devices,
  2. Synthesis of novel heterostructures of colloidal nanocrystals for light-harvesting applications.

Assist. Prof. Simge Çınar

  1. Additive manufacturing of ceramics based on colloidal processing
  2. Investigation of the rheological behavior of suspension electrodes in flow batteries
  3. Applications of metallic Janus micro/nano-particles
  4. Informatics aided control of the structure of additively manufactured materials (collaboration with Dr. Irmak Sargın)
  5. Physics- and thermodynamics-based machine learning for prediction and understanding the stability in multi-component alloys, ceramics, and glasses (collaboration with Dr. Irmak Sargın)
  6. Integration of theoretical and experimental data in different length and time scales for ceramic body armor by using interpretable materials informatics (collaboration with Dr. Irmak Sargın)