Primary Researcher(s) / Coordinator(s): Prof. Dr. Amdulla Mekhrabov & Prof. Dr. Vedat Akdeniz
General Information

In brief, our research in “Novel Alloys Design and Development Laboratory” has been mainly focused on design, development and analysis of multicomponent intermetallic and metallic glass alloy systems which include nanoalloys, bulk amorphous and bulk nanocrystalline alloy systems. These studies are mostly supplemented with modeling and simulations to reveal atomistic mechanisms governing structure-property-performance relationships for alloys in consideration.

Our computational tools involve several workstations with first-principle calculation softwares such as abinit and Medea-Vasp, Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo packages and in-house electronic calculation, simulation and data analyses algorithms. Our group has a solid background in theoretical investigations of order-disorder and related phenomena in binary and ternary alloy systems. With our computational capabilities, we intend to compare/contrast such phenomena under finite surface conditions of nanoalloy forms also.

  • Edmund Bühler Arc-Melting and Suction Casting Equipment. For the preparation of alloys and production of bulk amorphous alloys
  • Centrifugal Casting Equipment: For the production of bulk amorphous alloys into Cu-moulds
  • Setaram Setsys Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). For thermal characterization (measurement of melting, glass transition, crystallization and structural transition temperatures, mass gain/loss with thermogravimetric analysis)
  • ADE Magnetics EV/9 model Vibrating Sample Calorimeter (VSM). For magnetic characterization (Hysteresis Curves and Curie Temperature Measurement)
  • Fritsch Pulveristte 7 Plenatary Ball Mill: For mechanical alloying and size reduction of powders.
  • Muffle and Elevator Furnaces : For the atmosphere controlled heat-treatments.
  • Various other tools (incubator, centrifugation, ultrasonic cleaning, magnetic stirrer, balances, optical microscope, grinding and polishing discs)

Completed and Ongoing Research Projects
  • Modelling of Structure-Property Correlations, Production via Mechanical Nanoalloying and Characterization of Intermetallic and Metallic Glass Nanoalloys (2010-2013) The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).
  • Development of Boron-based Bulk Amorphous/Nanocrystal Materials for Applications in Power Transformer&Otomotive Industry (2006-2008) National Boron Research Institute of Turkey (BOREN).
  • Modelling, Development and Characterization of Multicomponent Aluminides for High-Temperature and Structural Applications. (2005-2008) European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST).
  • Design and Development of Cobalt Based Bulk Amorphous/Nanocrystal Magnetic Alloys (2010-2011) METU – BAP Project.
  • Development of Magnetic Materials For Civil and Military Applications-1: Magnetic Refrigerators (2006-2009) State Planning Organization (DPT).
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