On Sept. 12th, 2023 the presenter from IFU Stuttgart, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Mathias Liewald MBA will provide an overview on recent developments in cold forging from a more general perspective. Also he will provide a deep look into running research projects at his Institute as well as insights into present collaborations with cold forging companies in Germany. Also aspects emerging in the field of CO2 emission with regard to energy consumption and material efficiency will be touched.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 12th 14:00 – 15:00 in METE-B-108.

IFU-Stuttgart is looking for Ph.D. candidates eager to work in Metal Forming research for 2024. Thus, we are specifically inviting our current MSc. candidates and early PhD. Students to the event. Moreover, IFU-Stuttgart would like to establish research strong collaborations with the engineering faculty of METU. Thus, we are also waiting for faculty members from METE, ME and AEE departments.

The abstract of the seminar can be found below:


„Recent developments in cold forging – focussing on digitization and manufacturing of lightweight components”

Cold forging as a forming technology to manufacture net shape and near net shape metallic components was invested approximately 100 years ago. Meanwhile tool materials exposed to extreme loads during the forging process were developed further, so, the Institute for Metal Forming Technology (IFU) at the University of Stuttgart took up this forging technology in research and application since the late 1950ies. Numerous developments in material processing, tool technology as well as integration of sensors and actuators into cold forging tool systems were influenced by publications, patterns and industrial collaborations issued by IFU on a worldwide level. Actually involved research groups are working on fully automated cold forging processes and AI applications in adaptive control strategies.

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